Can I Set Up A Sprint Account Online?

How do I access my Sprint account?

Sign in to with your username and password.

Select My Account menu, then select Preferences tab.

Click Allow access to my account..

Can you buy a phone online and activate it with Sprint?

Activate your phone to an existing line on Swapping online is easy and our new and improved tool even tells you how to transfer contacts and content from one phone to another. … A valid My Sprint account with an account owner or account authorized profile.

Can I have 2 sprint accounts?

You can have two separate accounts. One of the account will have to be open as a no credit check account, and one that will require you to provide your Social Security number.

How much does it cost to add a line to a Sprint account?

You can add a second line for $40 and additional lines for free at the moment. (Normally, you’d pay $30 per line for lines three, four and five.) That price only lasts through June 2019. After that, it’s the same $160 for four lines of unlimited data that Sprint charges postpaid customers.

Where is my preferences on Sprint?

Sign in to From the menu click the My Account. Select Preferences. Under Limits and Permissions, click Permissions.

How do I get my Sprint account number and PIN?

If you know your account login, it’s easy to retrieve your PIN and Security question: Log in to your Preferences page here. Under All about My Account click on “Account PIN/Security question”