Can You Use An Existing Number With Google Voice?

Can Google Voice replace my cell phone?

I didn’t want to abandon it.

My solution: Google Voice.

With Google Voice, you can make and receive calls from any number of devices.

The phone will ring on every device you set it up on!.

How do I transfer Google Voice?

The steps are as follows:On your computer, open Google Voice.At the top left, click Menu. … At the top right, click Settings. … Click the “Phones” tab.Next to your Google Voice number, click Transfer, then follow the onscreen instructions. … After the transfer finishes, set up a linked number in the new Google Voice account.

Can I delete my Google Voice number and get a new one?

No, you cannot do that. You will need to reclaim your originally deleted number. To do this, you will need to use a different phone to verify your account. You cannot reclaim your current number with the same phone you originally verified it with.

Does Google Voice hide your real number?

Hello – I just signed up for Google Voice and received a new local number to use. … As long as you make all of your calls using Google Voice, no one will ever see your linked device number. But, Google will never reveal your linked number as long as you use Google Voice to place calls.

Can you transfer Google Voice numbers to another account?

You can’t transfer your Google Voice number to another Google account that already has a Google Voice number. When you transfer your Google Voice number, you need to set up a forwarding phone because it won’t be transferred from your previous account.

How many phone numbers can I have with Google Voice?

one numberAs a general rule, your Google Voice account can have only one number associated with it. If you already have a Google Voice number, you can transfer it to your Fiber Phone number, or choose a new Fiber Phone number, which replaces your Google Voice number.

Is there anything better than Google Voice?

Line2 is the ideal Google Voice alternative for all your devices. Get the number you want, from local, toll-free, vanity, or port over your Google Voice phone number for free. Experience calling and messaging with powerful call handling features — including an auto attendant — unmatched by Google Voice.

Does Google Voice still work?

As discussed, Google Voice works just fine on Android and the Web, but you might be wondering if it’ll also work on an iPhone. … From the app, you can listen to voicemails, place calls, and send text messages, just as you can in the Android app or the browser.

What is the best way to use Google Voice?

Here’s how to get the most out of Google Voice.Make Google Voice number ring multiple phones at once. … Send text messages for free. … Share voicemails with others by e-mailing them the audio. … Screen calls. … Read and search your voicemails. … Create custom voicemail greetings. … Record phone calls with Google Voice.More items…•

Why can I not create a Google Voice account?

You have tried to submit forwarding numbers too many times in a short period of time. Wait at least 24 hours before trying again. Your Google account has been flagged for some violation of Google’s Terms of Service or its Acceptable Use Policy. You are ineligible to get a Google Voice number.

Can I use my existing phone number with Google Voice?

Sure, you can get a new phone from Google Voice and use it for texting and call forwarding too. However, if you have an existing number that you want to use with Google Voice, you can port it to the service and use that instead.