Is Lag A Real Word?

What does the word lagged mean?

verb (used without object), lagged, lag·ging.

to fail to maintain a desired pace or to keep up; fall or stay behind: After five minutes of hard running, some of them began to lag..

What does lagging mean in Australia?

to inform on someoneLag – to inform on someone.

What is an old lag?

noun. slang. 1Australian A former convict, especially one who was transported or sentenced to penal servitude. 2A hardened or habitual prisoner; a recidivist. In extended use: = “old hand”.

What is the meaning of stepping up?

1 : to increase (a voltage) by means of a transformer. 2 : to increase, augment, or advance especially by one or more steps step up production. intransitive verb. 1a : to come forward stepped up to claim responsibility. b : to succeed in meeting a challenge (as by increased effort or improved performance)

What is a boon?

something extremely useful, helpful, or beneficial; a blessing or benefitthe car was a boon to him. archaic a favour; requesthe asked a boon of the king.

What is lag in project management?

Lag is the delay of a successor activity and represents time that must pass before the second activity can begin. There are no resources associated with a lag. Lag may be found in activities with all relationship types: finish-to-start, start-to-start, finish-to-finish, and start-to-finish.

Where does the word lag come from?

Lag dates back to the early 16th century. The verb, originally meaning ‘to move slowly’ or ‘to fail to keep pace,’ is thought to have come into English from a Scandinavian source.

How do you use lag in a sentence?

Lag sentence examplesThe second generation of Frankish theologians did not lag behind the first. … Maybe it was jet lag – whatever that was. … barepfw, to lag behind). … The deeper layers lag behind the upper in deflection and the velocity of the current rapidly diminishes in consequence.More items…

Who invented lag?

The term was coined by sociologist William F. Ogburn in his 1922 work Social change with respect to culture and original nature. 4. Cultural Lag Theory suggests that a period of maladjustment occurs when the non-material culture is struggling to adapt to new material conditions.