Is V For Vendetta About A Virus?

How old is Evey?

Evey Hammond is 16 years old at the beginning of V for Vendetta, when she’s saved by V and taken to his underground lair to be his student and assistant..

Who dies in V for Vendetta?

The most literal explanation would be that none of them actually did die; we never see any of these characters die on-screen. Gordon is black-bagged, the girl is only shot once, and the two lesbians are killed/black-bagged in a possibly subjective flashback.

What is V for Vendetta mean?

V’s name is derived from the Roman numeral for five, representing the room number where he stayed when he was imprisoned in a resettlement camp and subjected to medical experiments. The character adopts the V because it represents the reason for his vendetta against the government that subjugated him.

Is V Evey’s brother?

No cellular anomalies, nothing”. His confidante Evey Hammond speculates in the comic that V might be her own father, who was arrested years before as a political prisoner; V denies it, however, and Moore has confirmed that V is not Evey’s father.

Is V for Vendetta one of the best movies ever?

The themes conveyed in V for Vendetta are mainly sociopolitical, yet also almost enlightening. This movie almost forces you to question things you once took for granted. It has one of the best endings of all time with some of the best dialogue and delivery I’ve ever seen in a movie.

Does V ever show his face?

Why won’t you die?… Why won’t you die? V’s face was never important, he was represented as an Idea in film. So he was an idea or a symbol, not a face and both novel and movie writer deliberately do not show his face.

Is V for Vendetta a hero or villain?

Type of Hero He is a terrorist and freedom fighter from a dystopian future battling against a corrupt fascist regime in England known as the Norsefire party. It was intended by the author of the story Alan Moore that V be sufficiently morally gray so as to be seen as both a hero and a villain.

Is V for Vendetta based in 2020?

The past can’t hurt you anymore, unless you let it: When V for Vendetta first came out in 2006, eminent critics like Roger Ebert, Joe Morgenstern and Peter Travers stated that the film was set in 2020 — and that’s what we originally wrote too.

Is V for Vendetta a real story?

“V For Vendetta,” which opens tomorrow in area theaters, is based on a 1981 graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. Penned as an indictment of Margaret Thatcher’s conservative politics, “V” developed a cult following before completing its run in a 1990s series published in the United States by DC Comics.

What is the message of V for Vendetta?

V for Vendetta deals with issues of totalitarianism, criticism of religion, homosexuality, Islamophobia and terrorism. Its controversial story line and themes have been the target of both criticism and praise from sociopolitical groups.

What was the movie V for Vendetta about?

Following world war, London is a police state occupied by a fascist government, and a vigilante known only as V (Hugo Weaving) uses terrorist tactics to fight the oppressors of the world in which he now lives. When V saves a young woman named Evey (Natalie Portman) from the secret police, he discovers an ally in his fight against England’s oppressors.V for Vendetta/Film synopsis

Why did v shave Evey’s head?

Just like how soldiers in boot camp are required to have their heads shaved, V also shaved Evey’s head. The shaving of the head, in a way, makes everyone look the same, much like the wearing of a mask would.

How does v kill his victims?

V kills each of his victims in the film by poisoning them. He had already injected Surridge with poison moments before. The use of a hypodermic needle is significant because Surridge had used needles to infect inmates at Larkhill with a deadly virus for research purposes.

Did V have eyes?

In the doctor’s diary, she mentions that the man from room V has no eyes. … Moreover during the whole movie V is watching movies, reading books and he is visually noticing people. In the second place we assume that he is blind. You can clearly see his eyes is caved in and they are completely black on the close up.

Does v fall in love with Evey?

In the comic book series, V abandons Evey after he kills Lilliman; in the film, she runs away from V after attempting to betray him to Lilliman, then goes to Deitrich for protection. Evey does form a relationship with Deitrich, but the two do not become lovers, as he is homosexual.

Why does v leave a rose?

V leaves a rose behind for each of his victims from Larkhill. … To Delia, who wants to die, the rose symbolizes her own death and also her redemption. Roses are linked with death even when they are given out of love.

Does V die in V for Vendetta?

However, V is mortally wounded when he is shot by Finch and he staggers back to the Shadow Gallery, where he dies in Evey’s arms. … The explosives-laden train detonates, giving V a Viking funeral, fulfilling his final request to Evey, who takes on the mantle of “V.”

What is V’s real name?

Kim Tae-hyungV/Full name

What does V’s face look like?

Although the identity of V is never revealed during the graphic novel or film, it is possible to gain an insight into what lies beneath his mask. … The soldier is in fact V, and we can see his eyes and brow here. The small amount of face we see here certainly looks red and scarred, as we would expect it to be.