Question: Can I Go To Another Dealership For Service?

Should I use main dealer servicing?

In short, car servicing is something you simply can’t afford to ignore.

If you have a newer car that’s still covered by its warranty, then you must have your car serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

It’s important to mention that you don’t have to use a main dealership to service your car..

Can I take my Kia to any dealership for service?

You must take your Kia Vehicle, along with this manual, to any Authorized Kia Dealer in the United States during its normal service hours.

Do dealerships service other brands?

Most dealers that do the whole “all makes and models” deal usually have a full Alldata (or similar service) subscription which has all the TSB’s among other things listed for a vast majority of makes & models. If we’re talking a brand spanking new 2014 Ford then a Ford dealer would be optimal.

Do I have to use main dealer for service?

Do I have to get my car serviced by a main dealer? You are not obliged (since October 2003) to get the car serviced by a franchise dealer during the warranty period. You must though get it serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule and criteria using only manufacturer approved parts.

What voids a Hyundai warranty?

Using Unapproved Fluids When you first buy your car, look for a list of approved fluids in the owner’s manual. If you use gas, oil, or other fluids that aren’t approved by the manufacturer, this could be grounds to void your warranty, even if the unapproved fluid is removed completely.

How do I know if a dealer really changed my oil?

There are a number of ways to check, but not all of them are fool-proof.Pull your dipstick and check the oil at the end with your fingers and using your eyes. … If you can see your oil filter, note the type, kind and color it is. … Your engine should be more responsive after the oil change, normally.

Why do dealerships charge so much for service?

That’s why service is so expensive. Dealers are not after all in the business of losing money and that’s where they make their money. They also have to cover for their other costs such as whatever equipment, software they purchased, their labor costs, and other overheads associated with running a dealership.

Is it better to get car serviced at dealer?

However, car manufacturers say customers want more than cheaper parts. … “The relationship that the customer enjoys with the dealer is further insurance of quality workmanship. If standards slip, the dealer has a lot more to lose than the value of the service or repair – he may ultimately lose a lifelong customer.

Does missing an oil change void warranty?

For instance, if you don’t have the oil changed in the engine according to the suggested maintenance schedule and the engine fails as a result, the carmaker has the legal right to void the warranty on the engine. The rest of the warranty remains intact, provided nothing else was affected by your negligence.

Can I take my Subaru to any dealership for service?

Any and all repairs must be performed by an Authorized SUBARU Dealer located in the United States. Every owner of the vehicle during the warranty period shall be entitled to the benefits of these warranties.

Can I take my Hyundai to any dealer for service?

Hyundai dealerships are equipped to deal with any issue your vehicle may have, from routine maintenance to supplemental service. We strongly encourage our customers to take their vehicles to a Hyundai dealership where only factory-trained technicians will work on your vehicle.

Should you get your oil changed at the dealership?

There are benefits and drawbacks for going to a dealer for an oil change. … Since an oil change is such a simple job, most dealerships run fairly competitive rates with most independent shops. Generally speaking, though, it shouldn’t matter much where you get your oil changed.

Do I have to go to the dealership for regularly scheduled maintenance?

Short Answer: No. By law, automakers and dealerships are not allowed to make you perform regular maintenance at a dealership for a new-car warranty to remain valid.

Can warranty work be done at any dealer?

No. An independent mechanic, a retail chain shop, or even you yourself can do routine maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. … The manufacturer or dealer can, however, require consumers to use select repair facilities if the repair services are provided to consumers free of charge under the warranty.