Question: Can You Stop Sky Box Going Standby?

Is it safe to leave your TV on standby?

As a general rule of thumb, if a gadget isn’t in use, then the best policy is to switch it off at the wall.

So, if you aren’t watching the TV, switch it off completely, don’t switch it to standby, and definitely don’t just leave it on!.

Should you leave your sky box on standby?

It won’t do any harm to leave your Sky box,turned on, if you wish. Or you could do as you did before, and keep the,button pressed until it goes into deep standby when you’ve finished with the box at night.

Will Sky Box record on standby?

Yes the box will still record from standby as with the normal Sky+ box.

What is standby button on Sky Box?

To turn your Sky±HD box to standby, press the standby button on your remote. To turn your Sky±HD box to off, press and hold the standby button for 5 seconds on your remote. The standby light on the front panel is red when your Sky±HD box is plugged into the mains but turned off.

How much power does Sky Box use on standby?

The cost of leaving things on standby New European legislation means that new appliances are limited to 1 watt when left in this mode. In the two examples below you can see the cost savings associated with a new item (e.g. a Sky HD box) and a TV that is 10 years old and uses 12 watts in standby mode.