Question: What Is Yoni Pearls Used For?

How many times can you use Yoni pearls?

Detox Pearls should not be used more than 1-2 times a month .

The pearls regulate your hormones so clearer skin might be an outcome.

Some mild spotting might happen because the ingredients regulate blood flow .

If the ingredients are too strong for your Flora then you might get mild yeast infection..

What is the best time to detox?

A: Spring is a really nice time of year for a little internal cleaning. A change in season in general is a great time to do a detox. It’s during these times that our body’s requirements change, so doing a week or month-long detox can give you a boost of energy right when you need it.

How many Yoni pearls do you insert at once?

For a thorough detox 6 pearls are recommended To start with before using 2-3 pearls a month as a preventive measure. Pearls Can’t be used if Menstruating,Pregnant, Breastfeeding, or if Hymen is intact.

How do you insert Yoni detox pearls?

Lay on your back with your knees to your chest. Take the longest finger you have (middle finger) and use it to push the detox (1) deeply into your vagina. Insert 2nd Yoni Detox Pearl in vagina, keep in for 24-48 hours (1-2 days), wait 24 hours before inserting another detox pearl.

How long do you leave Yoni pearls in?

You’ve probably been warned not to leave a tampon in for more than 8 hours because it could lead to TSS. But people selling yoni pearls recommend leaving them in for 24-72 hours, which is way longer!

What is the work of Yoni Pearl?

Yoni pearls are small bags of herbs or medicinal plants that are inserted into the vagina and left in place for 2-3 days. The manufacturers claim that these products detox or cleanse the vagina, tighten the vaginal walls and can cure anything from vaginal infections to infertility, endometriosis, fibroids and PCOS.

What are Yoni pearls?

For those who may be unfamiliar with detox pearls, they are small cloth-covered balls packed with herbs like Mothersworth, Rhizoma, Angelica, Osthol and Borneol. This cocktail of herbs is promised to rid the uterus and vagina of “toxins,” negative emotions, hormonal imbalances, fibroids, and endometriosis.

Do Yoni pearls help with infertility?

With the help of Yummy Yoni Pearls, Black Seed Oil, and a better diet, many women have been able to conceive naturally. Yummy Yoni Pearls has been a source of conceiving and birthing over 100 healthy babies within a few short years.