Question: What Is Zetsy?

Is zealot a derogatory term?

Zealot, in my experience, is usually used in a negative context, but doesn’t have to be.

A true zealot does not do only what is according to the law…

he is entirely concerned with the one good thing which is solid, true and eternal.

Zealous and zeal are more often used positively..

What is the definition of thoughtlessness?

lacking in consideration for others; inconsiderate; tactless: a thoughtless remark. characterized by or showing lack of thought: a shallow, thoughtless book.

What is the meaning of whiskered?

1. whiskered – having hair on the cheeks and chin. barbate, bearded, bewhiskered, whiskery. unshaved, unshaven – not shaved.

Is thoughtfulness a word?

adjective. showing consideration for others; considerate. characterized by or manifesting careful thought: a thoughtful essay.

What does mystification mean?

Mystification is a state of being utterly confused or bewildered. If you haven’t been paying attention in calculus class, a difficult homework assignment will probably make you feel complete mystification. When something mystifies you, it is deeply perplexing — it makes absolutely no sense.

What voyaging means?

voyaging in British English (ˈvɔɪədʒɪŋ) formal. the process of travelling over or across, esp by sea.

What does Zooty mean?

adjective Slang. characteristic of a zoot suiter; extreme or flamboyant in style or appearance: a zooty new convertible.

What does feeling thoughtful mean?

Thoughtful, considerate mean taking thought for the comfort and the good of others. Thoughtful implies providing little attentions, offering services, or in some way looking out for the comfort or welfare of others: It was thoughtful of you to send the flowers.

What does tactlessness mean?

The definition of tactless is lacking in sensitivity or appropriate social behaviors. When you rudely tell someone how awful the dinner was that she made you, this is an example of when you are tactless.

What is a Zootie call?

I learned a new word today…zootie call. It is a bootie call over Zoom. You can sort out the logistics of that one yourself. It all ties into this new world of dating during physical distancing. When you think about literal dates online is an old school as it is new.

What is zeal good for?

Zeal, a nutritional drink mix with over 55 whole food nutrients, has been clinically proven to reduce stress and increase productivity. Zeal can make you feel more focused, confident and productive. Zeal’s natural source of energy provides long-lasting and stable energy that won’t leave you crashing.

What is zeal used for?

Zeal is a natural protein constituent that acts as a flavour enhancer to restore weak flavours and can be used to enhance beef or chicken recipes. Monosodium glutamate (flavour enhancer).

Is Zesty a adjective?

adjective, zest·i·er, zest·i·est. full of zest; piquant: a zesty salad dressing. energetic; active: zesty trading in growth stocks.

Who is a zealous person?

(zɛləs ) adjective. Someone who is zealous spends a lot of time or energy in supporting something that they believe in very strongly, especially a political or religious ideal. She was a zealous worker for charity. Synonyms: enthusiastic, passionate, earnest, burning More Synonyms of zealous.

What is the difference between zealous and jealous?

Jealousy is a word we have all used, or rather, an emotion most of us have felt at some point of time. Jealous characterizes a person who is overly possessive or envious. … Zealous, on the other hand, is a super-positive word implying passions, enthusiasm and dedication for something or someone.

What does zoetic mean?

living, vital: of or relating to life : living, vital.

What does zingy mean?

zing·y. Use zingy in a sentence. adjective. The definition of zingy is someone or something full of zest or with a spark for life. Sauce that is full of flavor and a little space is an example of something that would be described as zingy.

What does zealous mean?

adjective. full of, characterized by, or due to zeal; ardently active, devoted, or diligent.

Is zeal positive or negative?

“Zeal” is usually positive, meaning energetic enthusiasm. However, a “zealot” would be a person who takes zeal too far, someone blindly devoted to a cause or a cult. Enthusiastic people might also be described as having a “zest for life.”

What is the meaning of sniffing?

sniff verb [I/T] (SMELL) to smell something by taking in air through the nose: [ T ] Jack crushed a bit of dried grass between his fingers and sniffed its scent. To sniff is also to quickly take in a breath through the nose.

How do you use zealous in a sentence?

Zealous in a Sentence 🔉Because my husband is a zealous supporter of the high school football team, he donates money to their organization every year. … No one was surprised when the zealous protestors tore down the fence. … Although Jack is a zealous dog lover, he does not allow his pets to sleep on his bed.More items…