Question: What To Do If You Find A Lost IPad?

What to do when you find a lost iPad?

Locating a missing iPadOn a computer or other device with a browser, go to iCloud at this web address: your Apple ID and password.Tap or click Find My iPhone (that’s right — it’s Find My iPhone, not Find My iPad).

Choose an option to locate your iPad, lock it, or erase personal information on it..

Can you trace a lost iPad?

Apple’s iCloud is an Internet-based service that acts primarily as a way to share and back up data from iPads and other devices. As of 2013, it also offers its no-cost “Find My iPhone” service, which lets you track a lost iPad and perform other useful actions. … You can access the iCloud service at

How do I unlock a lost iPad I found?

You would have to contact the original owner of the device—which it seems like you’re unable to do—to have them enter their Apple ID/password or passcode on the iPad, or erase and remove the iPad from their iCloud account.

How do you locate an iPad that is turned off?

For Find My iPad to work, Location Services must be turned on. In the Settings app, go to the Privacy area. Turn on the Send Last Location toggle switch to send Apple the iPad’s location information when the battery is low, so you can find it even if it’s turned off.