Question: Why Does Firefox Freeze?

Why does Mozilla keep freezing?

Mozilla Firefox freezing may occur due to the installation of an incompatible browser theme.

Browser cookies or cache files might be a big reason leading to the Firefox freezing scenario..

What causes browser to freeze?

Internet browsers can freeze for many reasons, including too many open programs or tabs, problems with the telephone or cable line, corrupt files, and outdated video drivers.

How do I fix an unresponsive script in Firefox?

To tell Firefox to let the script run longer:Type about:config in the address bar and press EnterReturn. A warning page may appear. Click I accept the risk! … In the about:config page, search for the preference dom. max_script_run_time, and double-click on it.In the Enter integer value prompt, type 20.Press OK.

Why did Firefox stop working?

It turns out that that the reason Firefox add-ons stopped working is that a signing certificate expired. Having determined the cause of the problem, Mozilla has developed a fix for users of the desktop version of Firefox on the Release, Beta and Nightly channels.

When I close Firefox it is still running?

While all Firefox windows may be closed, Firefox itself is still running in the background. … Luckily, ending Firefox in the Task Manager is simple. First, open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Escape. You can also right-click your taskbar and select Task Manager.

How do I stop Firefox from freezing?

Start Firefox the way you normally do.Click the menu button. and select Options. … Select the General panel.Under Performance, uncheck Use recommended performance settings. … Uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available.Click the Firefox menu and select Exit. … Start Firefox the way you normally do.