Question: Will Say Or Would Say?

Did not say or didn’t said?

They are referring to different events.

“I didn’t say” refers to a specific something you said at a specific time or during a timescale.

“I never said” is a flat denial of ever having used the word or phrase at any time in the past in respect of the circumstances in which you find yourself saying it..

What to say instead of says?

272 Words to Use Instead of “Said”accusedcorrectedlamentedchortledgushedquippedchorusedhintedquizzedchuckledhissedragedclaimedholleredranted63 more rows

Who says VS Who said?

The word says is strictly present tense. It should not be used to take the place of the word said which is past tense. Incorrect: Before that, he says to me, “Keep still.”

Would say or would said?

Just as “would say” is past tense of “will say”, “would have said” is past tense of “will have said”.

What does I would say mean?

I would say = I think. I would say it’s warm today = I think it’s warm today (but that’s just my opinion)

Is says proper English?

As ColinFine says, it is not standard or correct grammar. It’s slang. It means, “So you say” or “That is what you say”. The implication is that the statement in question is not true, and the only proof that the person is offering is his own assertion that it is true.

Can’t say no meaning?

You use ‘I wouldn’t say no’ to indicate that you would like something, especially something that has just been offered to you. [informal, formulae] I wouldn’t say no to a drink. [ + to]

Did he tell or told?

Clearly the first is correct. In the first, the past tense is achieved by “did tell.” Did is the past tense of the infinitive form “to do,” it is conjugated as “do, did, done,” and here it is used to create the emphatic form of the verb “to tell”—”do tell, did tell, told.” I did what?

What does I’ll say mean?

informal. —used to indicate that one completely agrees with something just said”Isn’t it hot today!” “I’ll say (it is).

Who would say Meaning?

DEFINITIONS1. 1. used for saying that no one knows the answer to a particular question or knows what will happen in the future.

Did I just say or said?

“Did” is the past tense of the verb to do. Think of that verb as a time machine that moves the rest of the sentence into the past. You’re asking about a past event, but the sentence itself has moved into the past, so you use the present-tense form for the object – “say,” in this case, rather than “said.”

Will say Meaning?

informal. used to show that you agree very strongly with what has been said: “Does he eat a lot?” “I’ll say!”

Did not tell or told?

It’s incorrect. The auxiliary verb did is never followed by the past tense form of a verb. It’s always used with the simple present tense form of the verb. The correct sentence would be – She didn’t tell me.

WHEN TO USE says or say?

“Says” is the present tense for the word “say,” and “said” is the past tense for the word “say.” 2. “Says” is used for the simple present tense which shows an action which is habitual, and “said” is used for the simple past tense which may or may not be used with an adverb of time.

Whats another word for would?

Would Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for would?couldcanmaymightis able to