Quick Answer: What Is Funky Mean?

What does funky mean in English?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 US : having an offensive odor : foul a funky smell.

2 music : having the style and feeling of older African American music (such as blues or gospel) or of funk especially : characterized by rhythmic elements similar to those of funk a funky beat.

3 informal..

Is Funky a compliment?

It takes a bold woman to take “funky” as a compliment. We should be flattered by the word, because funky isn’t about style or fashion, it’s about attitude. … The urban dictionary says “FUNKY” is second most complex word in modern usage. It means both extremely good… and extremely bad.

Does B mean BAE?

B is a letter, yes, but it’s also a shortening of several words: brother, babe, bae, boo … you get the point. … One that is one letter … voila, here’s B. In fact, this abbreviation has been in use since at least 2005, according to Urban Dictionary entries.

Is Son of a gun a bad word?

A ‘son of a gun’ is a rogue or scamp – “you are naughty, you old son of a gun”. The phrase is also used, although this is uncommon outside the USA, as a euphemism for ‘son of a bitch’.

How do you dress funky?

Want To Look Hip and Funky?Build Your Funky Outfit Around a Quirky Piece. Hip and funky style is all about thinking outside of the box. … Don’t Be Matchy-Matchy. … Extreme is Good. … Mix Up Prints to Look Funky. … Wear Unusual Color Combinations. … Off-kilter and asymmetrical tops and dresses are hip. … Layer, Lots. … Feather Fringe Jeans.More items…

What is a funky person?

(US, slang) offbeat, unconventional or eccentric. (US, slang) Not quite right; of questionable quality; not appropriate to the context. (slang, UK, US) cool; great; excellent. Having or relating to the smell of funk.

Is Funky a bad word?

However, the modern sense of a musical genre and the Black English term funky for something excellent both derive from the surviving American sense of funk for a bad smell. The word funky was around in the 1920s to refer to an obnoxious smell, especially to refer to a person who smelled bad, say of sweat.

What does funk you up mean?

As a united phrase, Uptown Funk promises a sophisticated, urbane variation on a raw and powerful musical genre. … It’s a play on the phrase “f* you up,” primarily meaning to beat someone up, and has the connotation that the music is going to physically attack you, with secondary connotations of sexual satisfaction.

How do I get out of my mood?

Top 12 Ways Out Of A Bad MoodTalk about what has put you in a mood.Beat a bad mood with exercise.Eat chocolate to make you feel better.Think about less fortunate people.Blasting out some ‘positive’ music.Get more light.Take time out.Avoid people who put you in a bad mood.More items…

What’s another word for Groovy?

Groovy Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for groovy?A-OKawesomechoiceclassiccoolcorkingcrackerjackcrackingdandydivine231 more rows

What is another word for stylish?

What is another word for stylish?nattychicsleekslicksteezyswanktastefulupscaleuptownurbane233 more rows

What is another word for colorful?

What is another word for colorful?brightcolourfulUKflamboyantvividbrilliantrichdazzlingresplendentvibrantgarish57 more rows

What is the opposite of funky?

Antonyms: fragrant, courageous, conventional, unemotional, brave. Synonyms: low-down, stinking, foul-smelling, foetid, fetid, smelly, foul, ill-scented, noisome. funky(adj)

What does punk mean?

1 : a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian. 2a : punk rock. b : a punk rock musician. c : one who affects punk styles.

What is the meaning of funky girl?

A “funky girl” would be a young lady who was “cool” or “with it”. Basically, she would be someone that people would want to associate with.

How do you deal with people’s bad moods like a pro?

Treat strong emotion as a puzzle, not a problem. Instead of seeing a mood as a problem to fix, instead think of it as a puzzle to figure out. … Try some reverse empathy. Remember a time when you felt the same way. … Be a mirror, not a mechanic. … Validate your own emotions. … Clarify your responsibility.

What is another word for funky?

What is another word for funky?foetidUKfetidUSmalodorousranksmellystinkyfoulfrowstyfrowsyfrowzy232 more rows

What is a funky mood?

If you’re in a funk, it means that you’ve been feeling sad. You might be in a serious funk after your best friend moves across the country. One way to use funk is to mean “blues” or “depression.” Everyone’s in a funk sometimes — for some people, the shorter, darker winter days automatically put them in a bit of a funk.