What Are The Key Features Of A Profile?

How do you structure a profile essay?

Writing a Profile EssayDraft an Introduction.

An introduction should grab a reader’s attention.

Create a Body.

With your intro crafted, it’s time to write the body.

Reach an Impactful Conclusion.

Use the conclusion to sum up concisely all the information presented within the profile essay.

Pay Attention to Tone and Style..

What is a feature story example?

These stories often build on news that was reported in a previous news cycle. Examples of feature stories include news features, profiles, spot features, trend stories, and live-ins. Feature stories can be found in the main news section of a newspaper, especially if they profile a person or group currently in the news.

How do you write a profile feature?

10 Steps to Writing a Great Profile FeatureResearch, Research, Research. You must gather a minimum of 5 articles on the subject for your research. … Decide on an approach. Outlining your story is the best way to start. … Focus on what’s most compelling. … Show, don’t tell. … Put your story in context. … Don’t overuse direct quotes. … Fill holes. … Triple-check for accuracy.More items…•

How do you profile a person?

Here are her 9 tips for reading others:Create a baseline. People have different quirks and patterns of behavior. … Look for deviations. … Notice clusters of gestures. … Compare and contrast. … Look into the mirror. … Identify the strong voice. … Observe how they walk. … Pinpoint action words.More items…•

What is Profile feature?

A “profile feature” is a newspaper article that explores the background and character of a particular person (or group). The focus should be on a news angle or a single aspect of the subject’s personal or professional life.

What should be included in a person profile?

Include any interesting tidbits and background information about their life, like obstacles they’ve overcome. This will help illustrate what motivates them. Reveal new information. Write a unique, great profile that gives the reader fascinating takeaways about the person.