Who Sells Crystal Fallout 4?

Where can I find crystals in sanctuary Fallout 4?

Crystals are typically found in cameras, microscopes, and laser tripmines, none of which I’ve found in Sanctuary or Vault 111.

There is another possibility, however.

You’ll find this behind the house with the fallen tree.

There’s something on the roof as well..

What gives you crystals in Fallout 4?

CrystalItemScrapWTMagnifying Glassx2 Crystal, x1 Copper, x2 Glass0.5Microscopex2 Crystal, x2 Gear, x2 Glass, x1 Fiber Optics5ProSnap Camerax4 Crystal, x4 Spring, x4 Gear3Reporter’s Camerax2 Crystal, x2 Spring, x2 Gear35 more rows•Nov 3, 2016

Can sanctuary get attacked in Fallout 4?

Yes. It will occasionally get attacked from the main bridge, from the small bridge leading to Vault 111, and apparently other areas as well. It doesn’t get attacked often, but it can happen.

How do I get clean water in sanctuary Fallout 4?

Providing clean water for Sanctuary Use the workshop, go to the Resources tab and choose Water. You can start building water pumps (they can be placed only on dirt) or better water purifiers if you’ve upgraded Sanctuary in the meantime (they must be placed in the water).

Where is trashcan Carla?

She can be found in Bunker Hill with the power armor right by her side.

Where can I get plastic Fallout 4?

Plastic can be found all around the Commonwealth. A large amount of plastic can be found at the General Atomics Galleria inside the Back Alley Bowling, but be warned it is in the form of bowling balls and bowling pins which are quite heavy. A large amount can be found at the Suffolk County charter school.